Who We Are:

We are the Periclean Scholars Class of 2014 at Elon University. Periclean Scholars is part of a larger civic engagement initiative, Project Pericles. Our class consists of passionate, dedicated students from all different areas of study working to develop a project of social change. Our class is working in Appalachia, and has decided to focus specifically on regions in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Our mission is to foster mutual understanding and promote positive change through the creation of sustainable partnerships and meaningful relationships in Central Appalachia.
We are currently collaborating with the citizens of Whitesville to determine their most pressing needs, so that we may develop a project that will make a significant contribution to the area.

List of Members

The Periclean Pledge:

We pledge to…

Listen to our partnering communities, acknowledging they often have the best solutions to local problems.

Learn about our partner communities’ history and traditions, to better engage in culturally-aware dialogue.

Assist our partners in community-run development projects that will enable their long-term success.

Responsibly study, document, and publicize our partner communities’ needs and desires.

Be committed to building life long sustainable partnerships, recognizing they take hard work and dedication.

Embrace our lifelong journey of global citizenship through intellectual and personal growth.


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