4/16/14 Minutes

Periclean Perk Updates

  • Lucy will record people on the flip cam next Wednesday for the Thank You Video
  • If you have extra buttons or gear, send them to Emily!


  • Love Box is back! Please bring notes to classes from now on to help spread encouragement & love!
  • Lucy and Ken designed our graduation stoles, hung with the Webb family and Ron Carson’s family, and had a blast on their trip this past weekend!
  • Michelle will order Periclean postcards ASAP
  • Monthly Munchies will be on April 30th from 8-11 p.m.
  • Stop by Aware Fair on Friday, April 18 from 2-4 p.m. in the Speaker’s Corner outside Moseley. Thanks Ross for volunteering to be at a table!
  • Gloria’s Appalachia Photovoice Exhibition will be on Thursday, May 1 from 5:30-7:30 in Numen Lumen’s McBride Gathering Space. It would also be awesome if our Periclean class could get dinner at 7:30 with the two guest speakers from Eastern Kentucky after the exhibition that night. Let her know if there is also a class that you think that would benefit from having Tommy and Nathan come speak to them!
  • Support Lucy and Mel in the Periclean presentation on April 25 12:15-1:25 KOBC 237 
  • The End of Year Periclean Celebration on May 23 has been moved to Arts West — stay tuned for the time change (Will be earlier)
  • MAT GOT FULBRIGHT! WOOHOO!!! He’ll be teaching English in South Korea


  • They are expanding the Gap Semester Program – Dana has a meeting next week to pitch Whitesville

Trip 4/19-4/20

  • Gloria, Ross, Katie, Viviana, Cameron, Emily
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