3/19/14 Minutes

Stay tuned for our Periclean Postcard!


Save the Date

May 14: Luncheon
May 23: 11:30-1:30 PERICLEAN PARTY!!!!!!!

Sustainability Efforts

  • Annual trip – Apple Butter Festival
  • Check with Lorelei if she is willing to sponsor service groups
  • Mat – Kernodle Center fall trip to Appalachia – partner with BRCC
  • Cameron – Watson-Odyssey Scholars Fake Break trip to Appalachia
  • Jill – Honors Fellows service trip
  • Dana – Gap Semester trip to Appalachia
  • Gloria – Talk to Sierra Club
  • Ross – Pre-departure curriculum
  • Making Ann Pancake’s novel required reading for classes
  • Katie– Working with the common reading committee to suggest a book related to life in Appalachia
  • Emily – Creating some sort of visual to put on lasting display in the Office of Sustainability
  • Talk to eco-reps about incorporating aspects of things we went over in class in their presentations and programs
  • Mel – Talk to administrators about where Elon gets its energy (Leo Lambert)
  • Lucy – Food
  • Annual week of giving: Continued fundraising/communication efforts post-graduation (sponsoring Christmas dinner, Kid’s Day, etc.)
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