2/10/14 Minutes

  • presenters: 
    • ann pancake is coming
      • need to contact department heads to see if they would be able to support us monetarily
      • she is going to talk to some classes
    • ron carson is coming
      • on april 10th
      • induction ceremony?
      • money- 300$
  • grants:
    • ross turned in draft
    • need lorelli’s input
    • *grant to organization by monday
  • global class presenters
    • lucy + mel
    • kobc 237 friday 12:25-1:25 april 25th
  • Sustainability
    • what does this look like?
    • how do we keep in touch with one another?
    • discussion in class
  • indigogo
    • get to watch in class tomorrow!!
    • Maddie is doing so much work! WOOO!!!
  • fundraising
    • monthly munchies – next week
    • dana + lucy: take lead on monthly munchies
    • mat will take lead on profit shares
    • goal: one profit share a month and market it well
    • contacting businesses
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