2/5/14 Minutes

Save the Date:

  • February 12: Monthly Munchies
  • March 12: Ann Pancake in KOBC LaRose booked from 6-9:30 p.m.
  • *Reschedule Monthly Munchies for March because of Ann Pancake
  • April 9: Monthly Munchies
  • April 10: Periclean Induction Ceremony (We’ll need 1-2 speakers)
  • April 10: Ron Carson in KOBC LaRose booked from 6-9:30 p.m.
  • April 23: Leadership Ceremony
  • April 25: Appalachia Presentation to a class
  • May 14: Monthly Munchies
  • May-ish: Final Class Celebration (Submit funds request by March 1)
  • May-ish: Celebrating Periclean, hosting an event where we could invite friends to come learn about everything we’ve been doing this semester


  • We’ll be reading Transforming Places, books courtesy of Steve Braye
  • Ken is talking to the Webb family about designing our graduation stoles
  • Periclean wants individual biographies about our experiences
  • Mat and Brittany will represent our class for Elon programs
  • Ross’s brother is reviewing our grants


  • Planning Ron Carson and Ann Pancake’s visits (Speaking to classes, etc.)
  • Continue reaching out and sending letters to raise funds for Ann’s visit


  • IndieGogo will be complete by Valentine’s Day!
  • Fundraise – Bring in a friend to come in and speak to our class about raising funds, contact businesses, Monthly Munchies, Periclean cards
  • Academics – Bring in current events every class related to Appalachia
  • For Tuesday’s class, everyone should come in with something he/she will commit to for the semester
  • Official meeting time: Wednesdays at 6 in Alamance
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