10/17/13 Minutes

Fall Break Updates

  • Gloria’s thesis in Kentucky

Community Center Updates

  • Finished the library! Made bookshelves, painted solar system, repainted whiteboard wall
  • Future goal: paint over mural outside the community center and garner support from local high school students for the new design, make an outside sign for the center (new Monthly Munchies goal?)
  • Halloween festival coming up
  • Angel Tree Drive or Toy Drive (publicize before Thanksgiving break, get a free grilled cheese at Monthly Munchies if you bring a toy)
  • Potential Christmas trip on December 14

Documentary Crew Updates:

  • Fly-over went well, check out the pictures!
  • Went to Changing of the Leaves festival
  • Got great interviews (Junior, Elise, Larry Junior, etc.)
  • Went to Virginia to talk to Sister Beth, Mr. Van Zee, Ron Carson, Pam, Webb Family, etc.

To-Do List:

  • Raise funds!
  • Work on documentary
  • Help narrow down grants list
  • November’s Monthly Munchies: November 13, woohoo!!!
  • Periclean cards are on their way!
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