10/3/13 Minutes


  • Brittany talked to Lorelei today! We will stay at the center. Also, we are now picking up the apples on the way.
  • Sign up for Monthly Munchies on Wednesday, October 9. We’re starting set up at 7 and it’ll go on until 11
  • Start getting pre-orders for Periclean cards (they’ll come in after Fall Break) during Monthly Munchies. We can put them in campus boxes!
  • Global pods are in progress and going well
  • Grant committee is working on grants –> upcoming meeting with Bonnie Bruno
  • Mel is meeting with Carol Smith (leader of Namibia class) to discuss promoting Periclean
  • Celebrate Periclean: October 10 at 5:30 p.m. in Oaks 212 (Mel will speak!)
  • Indiegogo best practices


  • Tori will use video camera
  • Others will bring still cameras
  • Interviews with people, interaction with festival, get shots of community center
  • Bring back “perks” for Indiegogo video (photos for thank you cards, apple butter, bows, pottery, etc.)
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