9/18/13 Minutes

Ken spoke with Lorelei about lodging for our trips

Ross is going to meet with Kurt Moore about research for grants

  • Tori working on grants, but is not in class today

Maddie’s camera meeting is on Friday at 4:15

Following up with meeting with Leo: Maddie works in the President’s Office?

Book idea:


  • Paper book or online compilation
  • Images, research work, experiential accounts
  • How do we pay for this?
  • Incorporate PODS research
  • Make new GoogleDoc for research
  • Need paper for ethics

Sections in the book such as culture, photographs, etc. while keeping in mind all things are interrelated

  • Health: Black Lung, drug abuse, water
  • Environment
  • Culture: youth, music
  • Economy
  • Policy
  • Personal accounts/Our Journey: Whitesville, St. Charles, Whitesburg
  • Bullet points, pictures, journal entries, information about Periclean, individual accounts, word graphic, field notes,

Case studies, “Their Voices”: writing or voice recordings

  • Who to interview when? Apple Butter or Fall Break, reach out via email beforehand. Those who are going on trips should be the ones reaching out.
  • Ross: Contact information on Moodle under resources: Lorelei, Bill Price, Blue Pennant
  • Gloria: photo voice
  • Emily
  • Ken
  • Larry
  • Lorelei
  • Derek
  • Community Center members
  • Bill Price (Sierra Club)
  • Bill and Josephine
  • Blue Pennant
  • Beth Davies
  • Dr. Van Z
  • Ron Carson
  • Web Farm: Ariel
  • Drugs

From Lorelei:

Apple Butter is a go for October 4-5th

  • Need a final count: 11
  • Plan to arrive by 12pm (4 hour drive)
  • Apples need to be peeled! Bring your best peelers and knives
  • Plan to bring sleeping bags and stay in community center
  • Voice recorders
  • Mold problems in the community center persist
  • Contractors working on repairs
  • Need to build 2 more shelves
  • Recoat dry erase wall
  • Supportive of IndieGoGo documentary
  • Fall Break plans October 11-14th
  • Lorelei will ask Gary about church accommodations


  • Lorelei working on a list for grants etc.
  • Will include budget sheet
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Will work towards next funding cycle, but first letter of inquiry got a yes!
  • Appalachian Community Fund
  • Lorelei submitting letter of inquiry, has to be submitted by 9/30
  • Proposal submitted for One Foundation
  • General operating expenses and mileage reimbursement for volunteers
  • $20,000
  • Proposal to Alpha Natural Resources
  • Grants/funding for portable solar units, recycling bins


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