9/3/13 Minutes

  • Moseley tables reserved with phoenix card swipers – thanks Mat!
  • Committee check in
  • Periclean cards
    • Need to talk to Cara – Mat got it!
  • Fundraisers
    • Lucy and crew chatted about it
    • Grilled cheese night once a month – Monthly Munchies every 2nd Thursday of the month!
      • 9:00-11:00 pm someplaces guhreat!
      • Other goodies too! (brownies, etc)
      • Get approved by Aramark
      • Have multiple locations, EVEN DELIVER!
      • Next week’s will be smaller – someone in fundraising pitch Aramark with locations
      • Google doc sign up for locations, etc – Lucy will send out
    • Profit share with Lo-Yo – Lucy’s on it – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday nights
    • Profit share at YoZone – Dana’s on it
    • Advertisements for hutches – paint for people
  • Indie go go
    • A lot of people donate towards MTR
    • Researching successful/similar campaigns
    • Emphasise community aspect
    • Show where the money is going towards and why the town deserves to be revitalized
    • Thursday – big group meeting for the committee to talk about it
    • Launch goal potentially around Apple Butter and then maybe close around June or so
    • Money needs to be going towards something very specific
  • Grants
  • Leo
    • Cass – Revised Committee to talk to Leo
    • Steer towards educating Leo about MTR
    • Talk to him about what our class does
    • Goal: Mel is working on making an appointment with Leo – sometime soon
  • Ross will call mentor at the local high school about partnering with Key Club
  • Lucy did research on UNC-CH’s group similar to us – she’ll tell us about it Thursday!!
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