8/27/13 Minutes

  • TRIP!
    • Got to learn more about things outside of environmental issues
    • Dr. Carson talked about black lung
    • Hard to prove black lung and coal mining (only 12% cases get approved by government)
    • Dr. Van Zee – person in charge of oxycotin clinic
      • Spoke about addiction in the area
    •  Got to film a couple of the interviews (global pods usage!)
    • Met a super cool dude who has done a lot and knows a lot
    • Carson’s started a cultural center
    • Read about the fall trip here
    • Was in Whitesville at the Community Center for a month and a half
    • Did a lot of cooking and cleaning to help out
    • Took local transportation to Bekley
    • Did some grant writing – for the community garden/bed project – asked for $20,000
    • Every Wednesday and Friday – food!
    • Kicked out by black mold spread in building
    • Not sure of progress on building yet
    • Kids Day was lots of fun!
    • Met some of the board of directors
    • Went to a town hall meeting – four wheelers are loud
      • Drug issues
  • Global Pods
    • A lot of global classes come to watch our presentation!
    • Cultural experiences
    • Advertise Periclean!
    • Bring someone for Global Pod (potentially)
    • Need to find out if it has to be the exact same presentation every time
    • Use Pod to make a syllabus/objective list
    • Did super cool film stuff this summer and Ken wants her to take charge of one for Periclean! She raised $3,000 to make her short film!
    • Indie Go Go – take a cut if you don’t raise your goal
    • Kickstarter – all or nothing
    • Set your own time limit
    • Email Maddie if you’re interested in helping!
    • Has to be very pointed – need a very clear goal to actually get donations
    • Make a pitch video
    • Different tiers to buy stuff (with an end goal)
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