4/16/13 Minutes

  • Eco-Art – Katie’s class has a pretty rad idea they’re going to be carrying out next week
    • Display of dirty water and connection to light bulb aka the energy we get
    • Put dirty water by water fountains and get people to instagram, hashtag, etc
  • Global pods – want to do them for the fall
    • Dr. Cocher needs info THIS week – will talk in class tomorrow about it
    • He proposes idea to GST professors who can decide if they want to be a part of it
    • Presentations to freshmen (in place of a class)
    • Show people how it affects them
  • Appalcations
    • DUE date – May 3rd
    • Need to email department heads – get info from Ken
    • Ken will email all the heads with the application
      • Katie got it
    • Jill got ENS
    • Michelle got Human Services
    • Have an event where people can come learn about Periclean and talk about it
      • Do at college coffee
    • Taking freshmen and sophomores – even the new going abroad in the fall
    • Tell Arcaro to get the word out – Katie got it
      • Ross and Ops will tell him at Steering
    • Email Janice Bachman for a college coffee table NEXT WEEK
      • Mat got it – will email us to let us know which day it will be
    • Appalcations going to Ross
  • Mel will send out the notes from the Grant writing workshop – READ THEM
    • Jill, Dana, Lucy, Katie, Mat – will be here this summer to divide writing the grant
    • Any other volunteers?
    • Everyone should contribute points with research about how the grant would benefit the community centre
  • Let’s ask SGA for some d0ll@ b!llz
    • Ross will look into it
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