Elsewhere and Appalshop

Finish this sentence: I come from a place where ______________.

Members of our class took a field trip to downtown Greensboro Friday night to support Appalshop’s presentation at Elsewhere, a living museum that supports collaborative creativity. Or as Ross would put it, “Hoarding gone right.”

Elsewhere is gathering stories in preparation for the launch of StoryBank, an innovative storytelling platform. To launch the project, Appalshop, a multidisciplinary arts and education center in Eastern Kentucky with which our Periclean class has been involved, visited Elsewhere for workshop collaborations. What a lucky coincidence for our class!

We spent the evening exploring the downtown area, enjoying live music, admiring creative projects by local artists, and, most importantly, meeting the Appalshop collaborator Nick Szuberla. Szuberla is a multimedia artist and the director of The Prison Poetry Workshop, a national radio series that connects audiences with prison poetry found within U.S. jails, detention centers, and prisons. We had the chance to talk with him about our connections to Appalshop and our current efforts in the central Appalachian region as a Periclean class.

We topped off the night by getting cheesecake, yum!

Check out some of our photos:

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