4/9/13 Minutes

Katie’s Eco-Art Class
– My class is doing an art installation during college coffee on April 30th, and we need people to walk around college coffee and talk about the effects (environmental, political, social etc), and so I would love if we could take the class time or part of it then to do that.
Class schedule for next year
– http://whenisgood.net/m2gry9h– fill it out. NOW!
-Our thoughts is to try and get a two hour class first
– Make sure that when you are scheduling your work hours that you keep college coffee free so that way we can plan to use this time for either committee meetings or periclean class
– Dana is sending the application to April Post to send to the people who applied for her class but did not get the spot
– Dana is also emailing EV to put this announcement in their weekly email
– Britney is making a digital board for us
– Potential due date: May 3rd
– We might want to think about making a time to have people come talk to us about what being a periclean is about
Committees update
– Please take notes during your meetings a send them to us when you are done
– Academics: Gloria is speaking this week in our class about her thesis project!
Projects: working on garden beds
– Outreach, promotions and trips did not have a representative at the meeting. If one of you could post in the FB group about what you are up to that would be great!
This Thursday 
– Induction is mandatory so please be there at 5 (4:30 for food) in KOBC
– Mel is giving talk for our class
– Ross is periclean of the year! WOOOO!!! If everyone will email me one reason they think Ross is a great periclean, I am emailing the 2013s (who will be introducing him at the induction ceremony) a summary about him.
– We need to set a date tomorrow
Reminder: The grant writing workshop is this Saturday in Alamance 207 from 1-3. Please be there if you can make it.
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