4/2/13 Minutes

  • Start writing grant letter to have a rough draft for the day of the workshop
  • Grant Workshop: Saturday April 13th, 1-4 pm –> FILL OUT THE POLL TO SAY WHETHER YOU’RE COMING PLEASE 🙂
  • Use the budget to put in our grant
  • Below there’s a link to the google doc, in which the grants we want to apply to are highlighted –> try to take a look at it so that we can start working on this in class tomorrow
  • NAME – we need to have decided on a name before Lenny comes and for when we write our grants
  • What are the things we are most dedicated to and want to spend our final year on? Thoughts on stuff to add (will talk more in class tomorrow)
    • To do:
      • New community centre
      • Promotional materials at community centre
      • Garden bins
      • Computers/technology
      • Solar generators
      • Books – does Lorelei still want them?
      • Physical Therapy – Red Bird
    • Mission statement
      • Sustainable partnerships
      • Foster mutual understanding
      • Promote positive change
      • Collaboration
    • Intra-Appalachian Alliance
      • Unite 3 communities
      • Who are we?
        • Class
        • Central Appalachian Scholars and Activists (CASA)
        • Elon University
          • Different disciplines
          • Global citizens
          • EU’s mission statement
          • Study USA’s mission statement
    • Instagram account like the NC and NY people – set up a system to help these communities be in conversation with each othe
Grant google doc:
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