3/20/13 Minutes

Presentation on Toxic Charity

Guide for Community Development

  • How are we focusing on the community in our project?
  • Class notes: focus on engaging the community beyond our connection with Lorelei
  • Focus on assets (specifically strength and resources rather than needs and limitations)
  • What are the strengths of those in Whitesville?
  • Class notes: sense of community, talent and creativity (candles), be in conversation with those who understand strengths in the community even if we don’t, open dialogue in community
  • Focus on “front-burner” issues
  • What are the important things to be accomplished in Whitesville?
  • List of needs as identified by our discussion with Lorelei
  • Focus on investing (invest with those in need)
  • How can we invest with those in Whitesville?
  • Get community members involved in projects, such as the greenhouses
  • Could we establish a connection between a high school and the community center (internships, community service hours, etc.)? We could go to high schools and create a presentation catered to students on why volunteering can help with their future.
  • Focus on leadership development
  • Is there a way we can support and develop the leadership of the younger generation?
  • Focus on pace- don’t get ahead of the people
  • Are we taking over? How can we act as catalysts? What do we need to accomplish in order to be a catalyst? How can we act as connectors?
  • Class notes: Send Lorelei a “thinking of you” email (be in constant communication)

Lenny is coming April 13th for the grant-writing workshop!

Trip Planning

  • Meet head of the black lung clinic, Sister Beth, etc.
  • Maybe time in between exams and graduation? Or week after graduation? TBD.

“Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution” 🙂

Attendance (14): Katie, Dana, Mat, Brittany, Ross, Michelle, Lucy, Cassie, Priyanka, Meredith, Gloria, Maddie, Jill, Mel

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