3/19/13 Minutes

  • We are doing the grant workshop on April 13th unless there’s someone/a lot of people who says they can’t!
  • People who were able to make it to class today emailed their respective committees to find a time to meet this week and make it regular!
  • Outreach committee – because none of us in class are in your committee we couldn’t email you guys, someone take the initiative to do this to meet! Thanks! – Lucy, Maddie, Ethan, Marion, Priyanka, Tyler
  • Ross’s campaign with nycbaton.com and rdubaton.com – trying to connect more than the 3 communities we are thinking about
    • Could function as form of documentation
  • Blogging about what we do as Pericleans – besides just class notes and photos
  • Ross and Opal will go to steering committee stuff (anyone else who wants to come is obvs welcome!!)
  • Sustainability/lateral students
    • What committee would work on applications?
    • Letting them in before we graduate
    • Talking to gap students because they spent some time in eastern Kentucky
    • Daryl as potential mentor
    • Possibly partner with others on campus (more connections, more likely to continue after graduating) – make sure we have a defined role from them and how they differ from lateral students
    • When do we want to have applications out?
    • Application could ask how they would contribute to our projects
    • We (class) do the interviews
    • Dana will talk to lady who emails those who don’t get into the new class to include information about lateral entry into ours
    • Goal: write up applications and admit students this semester
    • Have applications be DUE on April 19th
    • Promotions and Academic committees will write up a draft of these applications
    • Use the application we had to fill out as a basis
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