3/13/13 Minutes


Guest speaker: Daryl Lawson (Professor of Physical Therapy, dlawson3@elon.edu)

  • Grew up in small town in Appalachia
  • Drew from connections to Manchester Memorial Hospital in Manchester, Kentucky, Loma Linda University in California, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Elon, and Redbird Mountain clinic
  • Hopes to get other universities involved with the clinic
  • Seeks our help with any aspect of the clinic
  • 80% on RBM are on Medicaid (3,000-4,000 people)
  • How can we help remote communities through the idea of telemedicine?
  • Looking for more preventative resources
  • Class idea: setting up telemedicine with the Boone-Raleigh Community Center

Class Notes

  • Make contact with Appalachian Service Project, particularly Elon alumni who have connections there
  • Grant-writing workshop on April 7th potentially?
  • Write up a snapshot of goals and objectives before grant-writing workshop
  • Next Tuesday, we are making a decision on our class name and whether we are having younger laterals (email Brittany)
  • We need to decide Periclean of the Year for upcoming ceremony
  • Continue writing love notes and selling periclean cards
  • Check out the Periclean blog

Attendance (15): Jill, Mel, Maddie, Tori, Opal, Dana, Brittany, Gloria, Cassie, Lucy, Ross, Katie, Tyler, Mat, Meredith

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