3/6/13 Minutes


1. Outreach/Activist/Trips

  • Subsections: West Virginia, Local
  • Plan trips
  • Ideas: book drive, pen pals between schools

2. Projects

  • Exclusive focus on Boone-Raleigh Community Center
  • Garden beds
  • Kiln
  • Lemonade stand
  • Computers

3. Promotions/ Fundraising

  • PR for events
  • Profit shares
  • Fundraising goal: $1,500

4. Grants

  • Letters, etc.

5. Academic/Presenters

  • Organize class presenters on various topics (class schedule)
  • Mini-symposium

Related Responsibilities:

  • Finance:
  • Steering:
  • Newsletter: Ethan?
  • Documentary/website: Maddie and Gloria


  • Focus on more than just MTR (drug abuse, etc.)
  • Send ideas to Tyler!

Periclean Blog

  • New Periclean blog that is inclusive of all the classes
  • One-stop shop for anyone interested in Periclean

GroupMe/ Contacts

  • Thanks to Dana for making a GroupMe group for our class! Make sure you fill out the Googledoc with your contact


  • Lateral assistance
  • Co-mentors with those who are interested

Saturday Hangout

  • Lasertag and/or dinner?
  • Katie’s friend’s birthday party

Attendance: 13

Mat, Dana, Marion, Priyanka, Lucy, Maddie, Tyler, Tori, Brittany, Ross, Gloria, Michelle, Katie

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