2/27/13 Minutes


  • Keep attendance
  • Let the class know your reason if you can’t attend
  • Attendance accountability will be in committees?

Symposium Reflection

  • Fewer events at a time (check Elon’s schedule)
  • Start a video campaign to put out the word
  • Focus on external publicity (community)
  • Planning ahead (cultural calendar)
  • Making more personal invitations
  • Holding a panel discussion for increased student engagement
  • Not having a symposium, but having speakers once a month
  • Finding ways to get other Pericleans to come to our events

Class Ideas

  • Having a committee that manages speakers/ rearrange committees
  • Take minutes at Tuesday meetings– any volunteers?
  • Tuesday meetings: Gloria and Priyanka can’t make it. EVERY ONE ELSE SHOULD BE THERE!
  • Wednesdays are more academic-based
  • Partnering with other campus organizations to bring speakers onto campus
  • Once a week, a classmate could share a short description of cool things about Appalachia they saw
  • Research project ideas: Classmates will start presenting on research? Find ways to connect individual research into communal research projects that contribute to the field? Partner with people in Whitesville on a publishable research project?
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