1/22/13 Minutes

1.) Trip issues. So there were some issues with us going up to WV this weekend because we did not tell anyone in Periclean that we were going so we just need to be sure to fill out a form the next time we go on a trip and make sure we go with an advisor.

2.) Trip. 2 bookshelves were made; they painted the white board wall; they talked about budget stuff in detail and they have notes on that if you need them; there are some films that Lorelei is in on the FB page. Also if we are going to get Lorelei for the symposium we need to make sure ALL of her expenses are paid. Otherwise, she cannot come.

3.) D4D. Tori, Cassie, Meredith and Opal are still working on it. It is due Jan 30th and Jill has volunteered to edit it.

4.) Spring. We need to discuss the Inter Appalachian Alliance; there was an idea proposed that we talk about getting a person for the community center who is responsible for writing grants for the community center but we need to talk about this in the spring; we need to discuss the research that we are doing for this class.

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