Objectives for Winter and Spring 2013

Winter Term

  • Meet weekly
  • Acclimate study abroad students to current state of affairs
  • Conclude all plans for the symposium including: guest speakers/participants, themes, topics of talks, coordination of all events, secured venues, contact and coordinate with departments and programs for visits, audiences and financial support, finances and funding, publicity– Pendulum, eNet, faculty, college coffee, etc., coordination and use of lunches and dinners with guests, transportation, living quarters (Acorn?), work with Brooke Barnett (Associate provost, diversity), President’s office (Jeff Stein), and Smith Jackson
  • All Periclean 2014 information available on Moodle
  • Meet about further grants and foundation opportunities
  • Write comprehensive narrative about our purpose and goals in preparation for grant writing
  • Work with Bonnie Bruno and Kurt Moore (Foundations in University Advancement)
  • Develop fundraising events for the spring
  • Create Inter-Appalachian Alliance: arrangements with Bill and Josephine Richardson and Appalshop, arrangements with Sister Beth, Dr. Van Zee and the Webbs, and connect all of these with Lorelei

Spring 2013:

  • Continue readings and discussions related to Appalachia (students will lead a number of classes incorporating their research themes)
  • Plan for spring excursion to Appalachia (end of semester)
  • Plan write and submit grant applications and early in semester
  • Plan fundraising events
  • Invite Lee Smith to campus
  • Invite dance company to campus (Ken)
  • Timeline for 2013-2014
  • Plan and arrange guest speakers/performers for 2013-2014
  • Work on research papers
  • Computers for Boone-Raleigh Community Center (Ken)
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