11/1/12 Town Hall Notes

1. Periclean Scholars is getting a new name! There was a poll sent out, and like no one voted so they are doing it again. Please vote. Please please please vote.

2. Elevator speech is important. Here is why. Are videos are put on youtube. Other people besides Periclean see this. Potentially people who want to give us money that think what we are doing is awesome. The India class has made a HUGE connection through their video and there is now a conference going on in Paris, France where they will be recognized (I don’t know the details sorry). Don’t deny the power of Youtube and the importance of this video.

3. There will be a global pod look alike thing (more like a discussion with freshman who are interested in periclean) going on Nov. 6th at 2:20. It will be in Alamance somewhere (details to come), but Tom and Crista would really like it if at least one or two of us could go.

4. We may potentially have a skype date with the students from University of Monterey who are replicating Periclean. This MAY be next Thursday but again more details to come.

5. Tom wants to promote more intra-Periclean communication via weekly updates!  We should just rotate throughout our members each week and have someone send out bullet points on what we’ve done that week, INCLUDING the bad stuff! (Tom wants to see everything!) This should not be too hard because we already take notes (YAY!).

6. We need to think about building our resume for our class, which is due at the end of the semester! I know some of you think this is silly like the elevator speech, but again Tom has seen what works and does not work in past Periclean classes. I have an example from the Ghana class that will make you think that we don’t do anything in our class because it is so impressive, but it is kind of nice to look at some things that a very successful class did.

Just a thought also that got brought up today in our meeting…all of our fundraising events should also be educational. We have an awesome opportunity to talk to people about the wonderful and amazing culture that is Appalachia. It is also a great way to get the word out about the symposium, which in order to be successful will need TONS of advertising.  The symposium team has done a brilliant job at putting this together so every opportunity we get to tell someone about this we should jump at. Please tell your other organizations you are involved in about the grilled cookie (or what ever we are calling it) event. BRING THE PINS whoever has them.

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