10/31/12 Minutes

Thanks Michelle for taking notes!

Library- still not sure, change of leadership

-Mat is meeting with Joan

-Free books from the library

-Get May Memorial Library books

-Get books from home when you go for Thanksgiving

-5th Street book sale

-No more trips this semester

-Ben and Biltmore, November 11th

Waiting for Applebee’s

-Dec 1

-8-11 am

-Get two vans for a shuttle?

-White board paint wallà send to Whitesville for High School students

-Waiting to hear from Lowe’s and Home Depot

-Grilled Cheese Night approved!

-No movie



-Board games

-Charge $1 for grill cheese

-Grocery stores: Marion will ask for donations for bread and cheese

-Everyone invite at least 5 people

Computers with causes

-Apply for computer donations

Board storm tomorrow, info on google doc

Bonnie Bruno

-Meeting failed L

-Will reschedule


-Jamie Jeffries, produce grant

Elevator speech video

-Ben, Ethan

-Pictures and interviews

Town Hall Meeting

Reserving Moseley tables for Symposium

Interviews during class time

Eco Chaplain November 12 at 5:30 Alamance 215

Shopping List-Meredith and Marion

-150 slices of Cheese

-150 slices of Bread

-75 grilled cheese

-2 cans of Pam



Periclean discount cards

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