10/24/12 Minutes


  • November 12 at 5:30 (Alamance 215): Sarah Vekasi on mountaintop removal for an eco-art class
  • Fundraising: Mat talked to AppleBees about an event (December 1st) We need busboys, waiters, hostess
  • Periclean Scholars is hosting the EU Debate from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Whitley (Ben is the introductory speaker, woohoo!)
  • Potential Winter Term Burst the Bubble Class next year?
  • Congrats Emily on doing an internship with Lorelei over Winter Term! 🙂

Next Trip Dates

To-Do List

  • Send donation letters out to grocery stores
  • Lucy will talk to 5 Below about a fundraiser
  • Finalize dates from last week: 10/17/12
  • Sign up on google doc for assignments: https://docs.google.com/a/elon.edu/document/d/121bq8w99awd03CytAaXqYqjDURz6qIO80ZiuCgJ9H1s/edit

Grant Assignments:

  • Shared grants research


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