10/17/12 Minutes

Fall Break Trip Review:

Fall Break Photos

Updates from Lorelei (LOR-EH-LAH):

  • $25,000 to get building appraised (instead of inspected)
  • Building could potentially qualify as historical building
  • Research what county thinks: Beth
  • Get money to buy building itself ($50,000)
  • Formalize budget of needs
  • Greenhouse: land has to be owned by government body or the community center itself
  • Raise beds? Rain barrels? Up to town council
  • Ken will donate 3 Macs and PC’s from Elon
  • Kensington -> attach to a wall
  • Solar panels (Long-term goal: rooftop garden) and community center as an emergency shelter (find portable solar unit)
  • Water/ Blue Pennet is going well 🙂
  • Bookshelves: we built 3 out of 7.
  • Whiteboard wall: 60 square feet

Attended Larry Gibson’s Memorial Service:

  • Interesting to see divisions among Appalachians
  • Super moving, great speakers

Money Matters:

  • November 5-9: We have the Phoenix card swiper (10am-3pm), sell Apple Bees tickets, pins, fliers for Grilled & Apple Bee’s, candles
  • November 7th or 14th: $2 Grilled cheese/ Cookie Sale/ Movie Event in Fireside [Hearth?!!] (9pm-11:30pm) Maybe partner with Sparks? Request Phoenix cash swiper? Donations from grocery stores?
  • November 10 or December 1: Applebee’s event (Saturday morning: Flapper Jack Event, email all organizations’ presidents, sell individually before Moseley tickets, boardstorming)
  • November 26-28: Moseley tables– we will be selling candles/art from Lorelei (10am-3pm), pins
  • 5 Below Fundraiser
  • Lowes/ Home Depot donation
  • Sparks grant: Lucy
  • Whatever we raise by the end of the semester, Ken will match it

Public Relations Needs:

  • Flyers for Grilled Cookie Movie Night and Applebee’s
  • Digital Board
  • Tri-folds for Moseley Tables

Other Matters:

  • Pen pals!! :):):)
  • Book drive in Belk
  • Next trip: November 16-18 (check with Ken)


  • Fire at Katie’s house
  • Day hike
  • Dinner before class
  • Ice Skating
  • Movie night
  • Periclean shenanigans and corn maze
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