10/3/12 Minutes/ Grant Assignments

What we did decide today in class was that each one of us who is on campus is going to do research on a few possible grants that we could apply for. I have assigned everyone 3 or 4 grants that they have to research due to Ken by Oct. 24th. This will be a pass/fail grade so if you don’t do it by Oct. 24th you fail. Plain and simple.

Here are some things that you should be looking for when doing research:

  • What is the mission statement?
  • What is the focus of funding?
  • What are the intersections or connections between their grant and our project?
  • What does the application process look like?
  • What is the deadline?
  • What do they need up front?
  • Funding amounts?

After you have answered these questions, rate the grant on a scale of 0-3. 0 being not applicable to our project at all we shouldn’t even look at it and 3 being we HAVE to apply for this!

Here are the assignments:

  • Katie
    • Alcon Foundation Inc
    • Allstate Foundation
    • American Electric Power Foundation
    • Arch Coal Foundation
  • Mat
    • Babcock Foundation
    • Bayer USA Foundation
    • BB&T West Virginia Foundation
    • Beckly Area Foundation
  • Viviana
    • Benedum Foundation, Claude Worthington
    • Carter Family Foundation
    • Cliffs Foundation
    • Clay Foundation
  • Lucy
    • Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley
    • Daywood Foundation
    • Dominion Foundation
  • Savannah
    • Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation
    • ECA Foundation Inc
    • Ecolab Foundation
    • Elliot Foundation
  • Meredith
    • Equitable Resources Foundation
    • Food Lion Charitable Foundation
    • Foundation for the Tri-state community
    • Freeman foundation Inc
  • Mel
    • Frueauff Foundation
    • Georgia –Pacific Foundation
    • Hamilton Jr Family Foundation
    • HCR Manor care foundation
  • Beth
    • Horn Foundation Mildred
    • Hunnicutt Foundation Inc
    • Jacobson Foundation
  • Emily
    • Kanawha Valley Foundation
    • Koch Foundation
    • Kroger Co Foundation
    • Laughlin Trust George A
  • Ben
    • Logan Healthcare Foundation
    • Maier Foundation
    • Marietta Community Foundation
    • McDonough Foundation
  • Marion
    • McJunkin Family Foundation
    • McKaig Foundation
    • McKelvey Entrepreneurial Foundation
    • Morgantown Community Trust
  • Gloria
    • Mylan Charitable Foundation
    • Nestle Purina Petcare Trust fund
    • Oak Hill Fund
    • Ohio Casualty
  • Ethan
    • One Foundation
    • Parkersburg Area Community Foundation
    • Penn national Gaming Foundation
  • Plum Creek Foundation
  • Michelle
    • Prichard School Board of Trustees
    • Schenk charitable trust no. 1
    • Shott Jr. Foundation
    • Shee-Reinhard charitable
  • Brittany
    • Stout Scholarship fund
    • Teubert Charitable trust
    • Tucker community endowment

All of the grants are up on the moodle site with the full name and more information so go take a look at that sheet to start.

Other things we talked about in class:

  • Ken will match our donation if we can raise 500$ by the end of the year
              THIS IS AWESOME GUYS! All we have to is raise $500 and we have $1000! WHAT? Be sure to tell Ken that he is awesome.
  • Emily will be contacting Lorelli about details for fall break
              If you are going on the adventure then you have to be in class next week to get the details. If you aren’t coming then email Ken (as you should always do) and someone in class will give you the info.
  • Beth is speaking tomorrow at the Celebrate Periclean Event

            This is also a big deal guys! Be at tomorrow’s event to support our class an be involved in Pan Periclean functions. It is at 5:30 in the Oaks. Also tell Beth that she is awesome because we just decided that she is going to speak. YAY Beth!
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