Fundraising Ideas: 9/19/12

Ideas for fundraising so far…

  1. Waffle, Pizza or pancake sale during important night events

                      – Sandy’s on Thursday the 20th
– Maybe greek night,
– Any other potential dates

  1. Apple Batter, more info on how and organize advertisement around campus by the weekend of October the 5th
  2. Taste of Elon… More information needed.
  3. Battle of Bands… More info needed

      Add any idea that you  have so we can make it become a reality! 🙂

Profit shares:

Find places with the ability to host as many profit shares and be able to host one per month at each place.

For any restaurant idea just post here so fundraising can start contacting the places. Thanks!

  • YoZone
  • Pandora’s Pies/Smitty’s
  • Local Yogurt
  • Buffalo Wild Wings

Financial Balance…. in process of contacting Mackenzie and Dana

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